March 07, 2017

Feminism Fail...

Last night I biked off to go and see a lecture by feminist writer Laurie Penny. Berlin weather gods said 'NEIN.'

Last week's triumph... a market snäpchen!

November 23, 2016

When you spend half your day working on a dinosaur pun for a friend's goodbye drawing.

November 22, 2016

Oh Tuesday.

November 21, 2016

Scene: Entrance to my studio's courtyard.

Me: Ummmm.... Do you guys need some help?
Them: Nah, we got it.
Me: Ok then...

November 17, 2016

Too much shoulder?

I have a friend's winter coat on long-term loan and just put the detachable cape part back on. Broad. Going with it.

Walking to work, looking at the lovely colourful leaves, SURPRISE LETTUCE!

July 13, 2015

Back on the blog!!

Just starting to update my blog again... I will be posting more here as I experiment with more styles and techniques!

February 12, 2014

Selfie on Sylt


So this is me during my recent beachside holiday on Sylt, an island off the very north of Germany. There was snow on the beach. There was a lot of wool worn.

Also, this is just a wee illu practising using illustrator brushes. See ya later photoshop!

November 21, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013!

New designs for colour Christmas Cards this year!

Sorry I don't have a way for you to purchase them online yet, I'm working on it! Just send me an email if you want some (hello[@]

If you're in Berlin they will be available to buy from the 6th of December at The Dairy cafe in Prenzlauer Berg, and at Rag And Bone Man in Neukölln

November 14, 2013

Dog Poo Roulette

Inspired by my darling bud Conor, an observation on autumn in Berlin.

November 05, 2013

Better Work Stories.

So as I was wandering around the Gemäldegalerie on Sunday, I became interested in the gallery attendants. There was one in almost every room, and the gallery is BIG. All of them were clearly very bored in their jobs, standing around, waiting for the chance to tell off the visitors for daring to put a toe over the line in front of the paintings. Safe to say, I tried to place my foot halfway over the line at any opportunity, just to give them something to do. But the most curious of the attendants was the one I observerd, who was clearly SO BORED, that she was just standing there, between the Rembrandts and Botticellis, looking at the wall.

Always match your gloves to your hat.

So after an inspiring trip to the Kulturforum on Sunday I have learnt some new rules about fashion from amazing fashion illustrator René Gruau...
From now on I will coordinate my clothes and my accessories, at all times and during all activities. First example, when doing the dishes always match your gloves to your hat.

November 01, 2013

Anyone know an engineer/boxing glove manufacturer?

So Sam's away in Italy. Now when I call out 'Could you please make me a tea, dear?' all I hear is a deafening silence. A deafening silence of disappointment.

(which is a good lead-in to introduce you all to my favourite youtube clip)

September 12, 2013

Sleep like a baby

Our dear friends have recently had a baby. We enjoy babysitting the wee fellow, helped along by the system: frozen pizza, wine, tv, and a baby lulled to sleep by white noise played at loud volume (it has been known to lull adults to sleep too...).

Tea win!

Fellow NZ expats and tea lovers, imagine my delight in finding half a large packet of Dilmah in the back of our shelves....TEA WIN!

Sam slurps smoothies

Sam had a wisdom tooth out. There was a lot of slurping soups, smoothies and safts through straws.

Heavy lifting.

So our enormous old beast of a fridge died last week. We got the guys who dropped off the new one to take away the old one. If it had been Sam and I trying to get it out of our flat and down the stairs we would have pulled numerous tendons and had to sit down for a week. Those guys lifted it like it was a feather and basically skipped downstairs. Tough guys award 2013.

July 23, 2013

Martin in a bottle.

Last week Martin, Sam and I launched our new boats - Jenny Shipley and Judy Bailey.

Check out the blog of the Treptower Yacht Club to see our adventures as we explore the waterways of Berlin...

July 19, 2013


This week I went to Barcelona for a wee holiday and to support my partner Sam as he presented at the Open Design Conference in Barcelona. Our friend Georgie came and met us there and we all stayed in an apartment in the el Raval. It was hot, dusty, hazy and full of tapas and salty fish.

Here are a few observations of our time there...

Gaudi's architecture was a delightful mix of organic gothic and playful mosaic. 


Gin Tonics served at my favourite local bar Pescada Salada (Salty Fish) in El Raval opened my eyes to the ingredients that can go beautifully with gin.
Served in enormous glasses, my favourite was with lime, rosemary and small olives. Maybe it also had something to do with the size...


The multitude of colourful umbrellas of the locals and Spanish tourists relaxing on the beaches of the Costa Brava, to the north of Barcelona, showed they had some serious sun bathing skills.  

The variety of ways to eat Jamon Serrano was a symphony of hammy deliciousness.

June 26, 2013

When spinach attacks!

Conor, Sam and I are checking out our GIANT spinach. It survived the wintery ice blasts due to an experimental plastic-bottle-as-greenhouse technique. It. Just. Keeps. Growing.

May 27, 2013


Just a quick sketch of the mountain of Spargel I ate when visiting Beelitz, the small hometown of Spargel just south of Berlin. Spargel is a Brandenburg obsession - it is a form of asparagas grown underground, and comes served with a healthy helping of butter sauce...

And here is a great illustration of it from Wikimedia Commons:

File:Illustration Asparagus officinalis0b.jpg

May 14, 2013

Pleasure Craft

Conor and I made a small Ausflug out of Berlin last weekend. We took the train out to Storkow and biked around the lake to the south side of Bad Saarow. We rowed a boat out on the lake for a turnabout, where we couldn't believe our eyes.... THIS is how you boat, people.

April 04, 2013


So here is my first drawing with my brand-spanking new Wacom tablet. No paper! No pens! Welcome to 2013, Judith. Do make yourself at home.

Also, it turns out that snow is not the ideal surface for playing table tennis on.

Also, here is a drawing of trying to find the table tennis ball in the snow:

But really, it was lots of fun once we chipped the ice off the table!

March 27, 2013

BikeSurf Berlin, re-cycle styles...

Another illustration in support of BikeSurf Berlin, and biking in general.
I'm looking forward to when I no longer have to wear gloves on, or chip icicles off, my bike!