February 20, 2013

How long do chickens work?

Around the cluck!!

Anyway, yesterday I read a great article in the Economist about start-ups in Kenya, but became focused on one part of the article... 

"Will Nairobi then compete with other emerging tech hubs such as Bangalore and Tel Aviv? Not at once, says Joe Mucheru, head of Google in Kenya. Nairobi has exported two notable innovations: M-PESA (which began life in London) and Ushahidi, a non-profit platform for crowdsourcing information during disasters. But most Kenyan tech firms are coming up with solutions to local problems. A team at Pivot East has built a service to help poultry farmers, who waste hours sitting around watching their chickens, keep track of their brood with text-message alerts. “We need to solve the nitty-gritty first and then we can invent new things,” says Mr Mucheru."

My musings on chicken-related communication:

February 06, 2013

Die Wanderin über den Wäschebergen

On Sunday I went to the Alte Nationalgalerie and spent some time looking at paintings by the German Romantic painters. Arriving home I felt somewhat less inspired. 

Two men, two hats.