September 12, 2013

Sleep like a baby

Our dear friends have recently had a baby. We enjoy babysitting the wee fellow, helped along by the system: frozen pizza, wine, tv, and a baby lulled to sleep by white noise played at loud volume (it has been known to lull adults to sleep too...).

Tea win!

Fellow NZ expats and tea lovers, imagine my delight in finding half a large packet of Dilmah in the back of our shelves....TEA WIN!

Sam slurps smoothies

Sam had a wisdom tooth out. There was a lot of slurping soups, smoothies and safts through straws.

Heavy lifting.

So our enormous old beast of a fridge died last week. We got the guys who dropped off the new one to take away the old one. If it had been Sam and I trying to get it out of our flat and down the stairs we would have pulled numerous tendons and had to sit down for a week. Those guys lifted it like it was a feather and basically skipped downstairs. Tough guys award 2013.