November 21, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013!

New designs for colour Christmas Cards this year!

Sorry I don't have a way for you to purchase them online yet, I'm working on it! Just send me an email if you want some (hello[@]

If you're in Berlin they will be available to buy from the 6th of December at The Dairy cafe in Prenzlauer Berg, and at Rag And Bone Man in Neukölln

November 14, 2013

Dog Poo Roulette

Inspired by my darling bud Conor, an observation on autumn in Berlin.

November 05, 2013

Better Work Stories.

So as I was wandering around the Gemäldegalerie on Sunday, I became interested in the gallery attendants. There was one in almost every room, and the gallery is BIG. All of them were clearly very bored in their jobs, standing around, waiting for the chance to tell off the visitors for daring to put a toe over the line in front of the paintings. Safe to say, I tried to place my foot halfway over the line at any opportunity, just to give them something to do. But the most curious of the attendants was the one I observerd, who was clearly SO BORED, that she was just standing there, between the Rembrandts and Botticellis, looking at the wall.

Always match your gloves to your hat.

So after an inspiring trip to the Kulturforum on Sunday I have learnt some new rules about fashion from amazing fashion illustrator René Gruau...
From now on I will coordinate my clothes and my accessories, at all times and during all activities. First example, when doing the dishes always match your gloves to your hat.

November 01, 2013

Anyone know an engineer/boxing glove manufacturer?

So Sam's away in Italy. Now when I call out 'Could you please make me a tea, dear?' all I hear is a deafening silence. A deafening silence of disappointment.

(which is a good lead-in to introduce you all to my favourite youtube clip)